Thursday, 23 February 2017

Food review : Chun Ciou Hot Pot, Authentic Taiwanese Steamboat

Chun Ciou Hot Pot, the first authentic Taiwanese steamboat hotpot buffet in Kuala Lumpur, at Old Klang Road . 1st Authentic Taiwanese Imperial "served-to-table" hotpot buffet,Chunciou Hot Pot are here to serve you the best from Taiwan. Chunciou Hot Pot ingredients was 80% imported from Taiwan and 100% truly Taiwanese recipe.

They giving the consumer a new experience of having steamboat even on lunch time. To add on to this, they create a new trend to have steamboat at lunch with cozy and atmosphere environment.

The restaurant with a stand alone building along Old Klang Road. Elegant and heroic dining atmosphere with abundant Chinese historic elements

The ambiance of Chun Ciou imperial palace, with stone warriors at the entrance, decor and even lighting to match.

Chun Ciou Hot Pot have a comfortable ambience and plenty of seats available.

Decoration with traditional chinese deck the hallways and corridors. We can dine comfortable in Chun Ciou Hot Pot with the whole building air-conditioned.

The steamboat comes with a 7choices of soup base. You get to choose two different types of soup for your hot pot. Listed below are the choices you get:
精选汤底 Featured Soup Base
壽喜湯底Sukiyaki Soup
湖盐汤底Lakesalt Soup
高级豚骨汤底 Tonkatsu Soup
蒙古麻辣汤底 Spicy Soup
台湾药膳汤底 Herbal Soup
东炎汤底 Tomyam Soup

Sauces & Condiments

The 4 steps to customize your Signature sauces

芝麻酱增加酱汁的甜度 - Sesame sauce sweeter
蛋黄 增加沾酱的滑嫩感,能提升肉甜感 - egg yolk smoother
葱花增加酱汁的口感,吃起来更加爽口-chopped shallot:adding more layers to the taste
七味粉 使沾酱带有一点辛辣口感- shichimi:spicier

That is the recipe of golden egg yolk sukiyaki sauce

This sauce can enhance the texture and juiciness of the meat while making the temperature just nice to stimulate your taste buds.

The sauce adds juiciness to the fresh-cooked meat,while bringing down that hot pot heat

The total of 10 types of sauces and condiments are there for our picking, listed as below.
青葱 Green Onion
大蒜 Chopped Garlic
辣椒 Chilli Sauce
泰国辣酱 Thai Chill Sauce
水果酱 Fruit Sauce
沙茶酱 Satay Paste
酱油 Soy Sauce
香菜 Parsley
芝麻酱 Sesame Sauce
豆腐乳 Fermented Bean Curd

火锅料 Steamboat ingredients

芥未丸 Wasabi ball

芝麻烧 Hot sesame bun

章鱼烧 Taro fish ball
诚心丸  Sincere Ball

咖啦鱼丸 curry fish ball

芝士海鲜豆腐 Cheese fish toufu
芝士虾丸 Chesse Prawn Ball
虾球王 Premium Prawn Ball
红心丸 Red Heart Ball
香菇鱼丸 Mushroom fish ball
精品墨鱼丸 Premium cuttlefish ball
猪筋丸 Pork Tendon ball
鱼包花枝 fish and Squid mixture
火腿肉丸 Ham ball
白 鱼丸 White Fish ball
鲍鱼片 Abalone slice
百页豆腐 Special Tofu
玉字烧 Tamago
手打肉丸 handmade meat ball

蔬菜类 Vegetables
红萝卜 Carrot
白萝卜 white carrot
鲍鱼菇 abalone mushroom
金针菇 golden mushroom
香菇 mushroom
卷心菜 Cabbage
南瓜 Pumpkin
西红枣 tomota
山药 Chinese Yam
红薯 sweet potato
毛瓜 Chieh Gua
木耳 chinese fungus
大白菜 bok choy
油麦 yau mak
茄子 Eggplant

副食 Side Dishes
乌冬面 udon noodles
冬粉 dongfen
菠菜面 Spinach noodles
腐竹 Beancurd skin
豆腐卜toufu puff
油条 Fried bread stick
卤肉饭 Taiwanese Braised pork rice

Premium Grade Meats for the Picking

Choose from their menu your favourite meat, from Australian ribeyes, to pork belly, pork shoulders and even duck rolls. Guess what, since this is a buffet, you get to order as many as you want, and they will deliver it to your table! All premium grade meats. Heaven.

特选肉品 Specially Selected Meats
将军霜降牛 Australian Striploin
霜王雪花牛 Australian Ribeyes
诸葛嫩肩里肌羊 Lamb Shoulder Roll
干将梅花猪 Pork Belly
莫邪烟熏猪前腿 Pork Shoulder
春秋鸡柳条 Chicken Fillet
金陵樱桃鸭 Duck Roll

甜品 Dessert

红豆汤 Red bean soup

冰淇淋 Ice cream

燕窝 Bird Nest

Sweet Lemon Slice

Pricing as below:

Adults Lunch: Mon to Fri from 12noon to 3pm RM60++
Adults Dinner: Mon to Fri from 5pm to 11pm RM75++
Adults All Day: Sat & Sun RM75+
*Note: All prices are subject to 10% service tax and 6% GST

Chun Ciou Hot Pot (春秋战锅)
Address: Lot 306, Batu 3,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 012-6882860, 016-5454348, 018-2776503

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

ZINNIA Inner Cleanse

In order to keep diseases away, you need to take full care of your body. You certainly must include cleaning the intestines from all the toxins, parasites and fecal deposits.

So, how much food does a person consume in an entire lifetime?

Toxins are not good for our body, and they can do irreversible damage including:-

poor skin,
Bad hair and nails condition
 disrupted metabolism
excessive weight
kidney and liver disease

There is a treatment called enema, which can clean about 50 cm of the intestines, but there is also an option of flushing them out. Unfortunately, they are both too expensive and harmful.

So... here comes the AFFORDABLE SOLUTION with 

Zinnia Inner Cleanse:

 Relieves Constipation
 Eliminates Belly
Trim up & Eliminate ederma
 Reduce Bloating

100% Natural Herbs:
• Fructus Crataegus pinnatifida 180mg
• Folium Camellia Sinensis 90mg
• Semen Plantago Asiatico 90mg
• Semen Cassia Tora 80mg
• Spica Prunella Vulgaris 60mg

Safe & Effective
• Natural And Safe
• No Phentermine And Fenfluramine
• No Colouring, Preservatives And Additives

• Pregnant Women & Children fasts
• Keep out of reach of children

◦ Store in a dry place & below 30°C.
◦ Keep out of reach of children.

Safety & effective is our aim
We have chosen the finest ingredients 
that has been approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia to produce a quality products. 

Zinnia Inner Cleanse are convenient, effective, and have helped countless people achieve a healthy and slim figure.

With just 1 caps 💊 per day without brewing. It works wonderfully as good as fiber! 

WHATSAPP us now!
+ 6013-3939153/+6012-6755768
+ 6013-3939153/+6012-6755768
+ 6013-3939153/+6012-6755768

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Celebrating the Year of the Rooster with DKING CNY Durian Goodies Hamper

With Chinese New Year around the corner, tradition dictates that people gift friends and family with hampers to show their appreciation for one another. This year, DKING, a premium durian product brand, introduces its CNY Durian Goodies Hamper products at its launch today with Ms Chipao Malaysia, to help you express good wishes to friends, family and other close associates.

"As it is a regular tradition, people often receive similar items, with staples including wine, confectionary, biscuits and health products such as ginseng, bird’s nest and abalone. To shake things up and make receiving hampers more exciting, we came up with the first-of-its-kind CNY Durian Goodies Hamper to bring a good start to the new year," shares Simon, founder of DKING. "We hope to deliver this extraordinary fruit and other durian downstream products for the year of the rooster. Our fresh durians are delivered daily from the orchard. ”

The DKING CNY Durian Goodies Hamper is currently available at a promotional price of RM438 (original price RM488). The hamper comes with a 1.8kg Musang King (actual fruit), 750ml Organic Mangosteen Juice, Golden Durian Pie, Freeze Dried D24, Durian White Coffee, Durian Truffle, Durian Praline, Durian Wafer, and Durian Dodol. “Our innovative products are passionately crafted to ensure high quality, bringing forth the durian's exotic taste,” shares Simon.

The DKING CNY Durian Goodies Hamper is specially designed in a manner where the Musang King can be easily removed without unwrapping the rest of the hamper, so durian lovers can enjoy it immediately.  Surely, this will be a unique gift for your family and friends that they will remember for a long time.

 To order, whatsapp Ms Julie at 017-326 6698 with the format <Name> <Address> <Date of Delivery> or like their Facebook page at or visit the DKING website at DKING offers free delivery within the Klang Valley. Order before 23 January and DKING will deliver the hamper to the address given on your preferred date.

About Duricious Sdn Bhd
Duricious Sdn Bhd began early of 2011 as a durian food specialist, with the aim of penetrating the international market with a famous Malaysian product –the king of fruits, durian. Meticulously crafted using top quality fruits, the company’s products, which ranges from durian mochi, durian pancake, durian rice ball, as well as seasonal items such as mooncakes, are exported to Hong Kong and China. Based in the Melaka Halal Hub, raw materials such as durian paste and pulp are extracted from selected fresh D24 and Musang King Durian from well-managed orchards from Pahang and Johor. Using the latest frozen technology Instant Quick Freezing(IQF), which can blast liquid nitrogen gas on the product to freeze it to under -18 Celsius within 30 minutes, leading to fresh products which can be shipped without losing their taste and texture.

Lucky draw prize mangosteen juice

Goodies bag