Friday, 16 June 2017

KL Gateway to Balik Kampung In Style

Your Gateway to Balik Kampung In Style

Where everyday’s a celebration with over RM200,000 worth of prizes up for grabs

Kuala Lumpur, 16 June 2017 – Being in a rich cosmopolitan city, “balik kampung” is a phrase that is synonyms with all Malaysians and fast picking up amongst Matsallehs too.

In conjunction with the month of Ramadan and Eid Mubarak, KL Gateway Mall is proud to unveil its “Balik Kampung In Style” Celebration, a tribute to all Malaysians who hold dear to “balik kampung” especially during the potpourri of festivities that we are proud to be associated with.

This Ramadan, we are bringing back the good old days by relating to “balik kampung” with a twist by incorporating style, trend and lifestyle for the urbanite fashionistas in all our shoppers.

 To further enrich this momentous celebration, KL Gateway Mall is giving an opportunity to all shoppers to stand a chance to win a MINI Cooper 5 Door worth more than RM190,000. The fabulous chic MINI Cooper 5 Door “Grand Lucky Draw “starts from 9th June 2017 – 9th March 2018.

Shoppers who spend a minimum of RM500 mall wide, with a maximum of 3 accumulated receipts in the same day, will have a chance to drive home a red MINI Cooper 5 Door during “balik kampung” in style.

The draw date will be on 10th March 2018 at 3pm and shoppers will have an opportunity to participate especially the duration covers Eid Mubarak, Diwali, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Engaging a chic ambience which positively contributes to the shoppers rewarding experience and the unconventional campaign adds an extra incentive as the opportunity to win is much higher as it covers all the major Malaysian festivals.

During this Ramadan, KL Gateway Mall rewards you further by featuring cultural performances, raya booths, food trucks and shopping vouchers and gifts worth over RM200,000.

 For those who spend RM100 and above on an accumulation of not more than 2 receipts in the same day, will have a chance to win Samsung S8 plus handphone, hampers, mystery gift boxes and vouchers in the “Spend & Win” contest. Mark your calendars as the draw ends on 8th July 2017 and the draw date is fixed on the 9th July 2017 at 3pm.

 For its “Mall-wide Redemption”, shoppers who spend RM100 and above will also be able to walk away with mystery gifts or shopping vouchers, this is available while stocks last, of course.
During this festive season, it is only fitting that all shoppers should be rewarded with trendy and lifestyle events and merchandise. We hope these arty and stylish merchandise available in the mall will definitely enhance their “balik kampung in style” experience where family and friends come together in this celebration.

 Chic bazaar booths offering an array of Raya goodies which include cookies, traditional outfits, elegant accessories and exquisite carpets, home décor and stylish lifestyle merchandise further enliven the festive spirit for shoppers.

 Shoppers will also have an insight into the rich Malay cultural via its music and performance such as traditional dances and be serenaded by the musical notes from Gamelan and Cak Lempung.
Food truck dining options are also made available at The Central Piazza to shoppers from 9 June 2017 to 24 June 2017 (3pm to 10pm), who want to savor local delicacies especially during “berbuka puasa”.

 Last but not least, shoppers are welcome to share their pictures on KL Gateway Mall’s Instagram and FB page. The “Snap, Tag & Win” contest runs from 9 June - 9 July 2017.

It is super easy to win awesome prizes. Remember to hashtag #balikkampunginstylewithMINI #winaMINI #weekenddrivewithMINI #klgatewaymall

Apart from the festive promotion, shoppers will also be able to avail themselves of great deals and an extensive range of merchandise offered by retail partners at KL Gateway Mall.
Just as Malaysia’s population represents beautiful people from various nationalities and diverse cultural backgrounds, let us join hands to celebrate Eid Mubarak @ KL Gateway Mall, where everyday’s a celebration.

KL Gateway Mall is a modern, urbanite mall at the heart of award-winning KL Gateway, an integrated development fronting the Federal Highway. A striking landmark where Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar and Petaling Jaya meet on the Federal Highway, KL Gateway Mall will serve the Klang Valley’s most affluent neighbourhoods including Bangsar South, Damansara Heights and Seputeh with its accessibility via Sprint Highway, Kerinchi Link and New Pantai Expressway (NPE).
It will also serve its own community once the four towers of residential units and two Grade-A corporate office towers are delivered in stages from December 2016 onwards, functioning as the centre to unify the whole.

More details visit their facebook page here:

Unique Features:
• Inspired by 6 Continents - KL Gateway Mall infuses design elements, furnishing and finishing inspired by cultures from various parts of the world, from the cultured elegance of continental Europe to the hot African plains.
• 100 Meter Link Bridge to LRT station – A secure, covered and air conditioned bridge links the mall to the KL Gateway – Universiti LRT station. It is one of only a handful of mall outside Kuala Lumpur’s central business district with a direct LRT link.
• 7 Levels of Unique Retail Experience – With over 200 retail outlets available in KL Gateway Mall, it will appeal and serve the lifestyle needs of the community we operate in, keeping them coming back for more.
• Iconic Central Piazza – The centrepiece of KL Gateway Mall, the Central Piazza is where all the fun is. There is something for all urbanites, be it arts aficionados, gourmet hunters, or music lovers. It is also a perfect meeting place for some work on the go, or simply just gathering to spend time with friends and family.
• Designed for Community of the world – KL Gateway Mall is brilliantly designed to suit the tastes of shoppers and guests of all ages, across cultures and nationality through the large variety of offerings.

Suez Capital Sdn Bhd is an established organization with diversified businesses in property development, management and investment. Since its inception in 1991, the company has ventured into various developments across Klang Valley in Malaysia which include the development of light industrial factories, commercial buildings and residential houses.
With a senior management team that has more than 20 years of experience in the property development industry, Suez Capital aspires to be an innovative property developer that focuses on urban redevelopment projects and building sustainable communities.
Its latest award-winning project, KL Gateway, is an integrated development strategically located along the Federal Highway which also comprise corporate office towers, premium residence towers and a retail mall.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


3-second instant warm water dispenser
W a t e r B a r
50℃ warm water
100% care with love

Revolutionary “3-second”
Two significant breakthroughs
Since the 1950s, there is no significant development in traditional electric or hot & cold water dispensers. They could not address the issue of health concerns from re-boiled water and easy access to warm water.

DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has utilized a new 3-second instant heat technology to develop an innovative 3-second instant warm water dispenser. There are two significant breakthroughs,. Firstly, it produces fresh hot water that keeps you away from unhealthy re-boiled water within 3 seconds and supplies 50℃ warm water to your family with just a press of a button. This Is indeed a revolutionary technology integral to our daily lives.

More information Kindly Visit:

Diamond Coral Official Website:

Diamond Coral Facebook Page:

Repetitive reheating
Accumulation of harmful chemicals

Many health specialists discovered that the traditional water dispensers will produce certain harmful chemicals such as manganese and nitrite after 24 hours repetitive re-heating . As we are not used to cleaning up the dispenser inside, those harmful chemicals will accumulate. Consumption of this re-boiled water over a long period of time could put your family’s health at risk.

Diamond water bar is the best father day's gift,

Various researches and reports point to the production of harmful elements in re-boiled water generated from the traditional water dispenser which puts our health to risk .

1. Manganese remains in the water dispenser and may harm the brain.
(电热水煲愈滚愈「锰」 长期饮用恐坏脑, Oriental Daily, 10th May,2016)

2. Re-boiled water may cause cancer over long-term consumption.
(翻煲「千滚水」长饮恐致癌, Oriental Daily, 28th October,2011)

3. Expert says: NEVER reboil the water in your kettle
 (The sun, 11th November, 2015)

4. Is it Safe to Reboil Water?
(By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Thoughtcom)

A Challenge to make a glass of warm water

In fact, many people are not aware that making a glass of warm water is not easy because it involves quite a tedious and complicated procedure of mixing the cold and hot water.  The elderly has to walk through the dark kitchen in the middle of the night, pick up a heavy water dispenser and mix hot and cold water for some warm water. Mothers need to prepare a warm formula milk in a complicated way. Our kids choose cold drinks over water as they cannot mix the warm water by themselves.  People who have a cold and weak body constitution, need warm water for betterment of their health.  In a nutshell, to enjoy a glass of 50℃ warm water is not as easy as one thinks!

3-second instant heat technology

Keeps you away from unhealthy re-boiled water.
DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has utilized a revolutionary 3-second instant heat technology to replace the traditional heat components in the dispenser.  It increases the boiling rate up to 100 times and heats up water in 3 seconds. By pressing a button, you can enjoy fresh hot water within 3 seconds. This new device not only shortens the boiling time of water but prevents re-boiling which releases harmful chemicals.  It protects the health of your family.

Feedback from a health expert
“Repetitive reheating in electric dispenser will surely produce certain harmful chemicals.  DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar provides a solution. I personally admire the 50℃ warm water function.  Drinking warm water is healthy and so convenient now.”

Feedback from a young mother
“After I learnt about the health concerns associated with re-boiled water, I decided to use WaterBar.  Now, I am don’t need to worry anymore. The 50℃ warm water function supplies fresh healthy warm water to my kids. They don’t need to drink unhealthy re-boiled water anymore.”

Feedback from a tea lover
“I love tea.  I used to heat water about 10 minutes every time just to enjoy a cup of hot aromatic tea. It’s a quite time-consuming. Now, I can get hot water instantly by just pressing a button. It’s so convenient and efficient!”

 Love & Care from 50℃ warm water
Traditional water dispensers can only supply hot water but cannot meet the requirements of warm water from parents, kids and the elderly. DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar, with its innovative 3-second instant heat technology and intelligent warm water function, provides 50℃ water instantly. Families now have easy access to fresh warm water by simply pressing a button. It is healthier and more convenient.

 Feedback from a mother who prepares formula milk for baby
 “It was very complicated to prepare warm formula milk for my baby. I have to mix the hot and cold water every time. But now the intelligent warm water function makes it so convenient to prepare it with just 3 seconds!”

 Feedback from a father with a child
“Now my kid can easily get warm water to drink by herself.  She drinks more water now since it’s more convenient and safer than before.”

 Feedback from a senior who needs to drink warm water
“It is tough to take a heavy hot kettle and then mix the cold and hot water up to drink a glass of warm water. I’m very grateful that I can get warm water by just pressing a button now. It’s an excellent design.”

Kids will drink more warm water, because they can easily get the water

Anywhere, anytime
The DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar is aesthetically slim which is suitable for all living areas including the kitchen, living room, dining room, and even the bedroom.  You can enjoy healthy fresh warm  water anywhere, anytime now.

Customer experience
"In addition to the kitchen, there is a WaterBar in my parent’s room, so that they can enjoy warm water anywhere and anytime.”

 Super Convenient
DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar has a smart dispenser design. Its dispenser area is 8-inches height, 7-inch width to cater for different sizes of containers.  It is convenient to get hot water for various usages including making tea, soup, noodles and washing fruits.

Customer experience
“Just one button to get hot water to make tea, noodles or formula milk now. “

 Save up to 50% electricity

Unlike the traditional dispenser, DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar can prevent  24 hours repeated boiling and produces hot water instantly. Apart from safe-guarding the health of your family, it also saves up to 50% of electricity. It is environmentally-friendly and money saving.

Customer experience
“The water dispenser I used in my home needs 24 hours reheating, but WaterBar only consumes electricity only when in use.  It’s more environmentally friendly and healthy.”

 Refined art from master
DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar is designed by famous European designers. It is not just a machine, but is a stylish, beautiful and elegance living art for your room.

Customer experience
“I could never imagined putting a water dispenser in the living room until I met the stylish and beautiful WaterBar!”

Free trial
If you like to experience the benefits of the innovative 3-second instant heat technology, we offer you a free trial service for DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar. Our specialist will deliver the WaterBar to the preferred location for your free experience up to 7 days.

 3-second instant warm water dispenser
W a t e r B a r
50℃ warm water
100% care with love

Good News DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar having promotion now, 
the price only RM 799

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

D'Saji Buffet Ramadhan Review 2017 @ Red Carpet Avenue The Strand

D'Saji Buffet Ramadhan Review 2017 
@ Red Carpet Avenue The Strand 
Price from Rm 39.00+ only per pax

More details visit their facebook page :